Coingra – Companhia Gráfica dos Açores, Lda.

It exists since 1992 with 100% private capital. This company has, above all, a strong impact on the Azores Region, however, it is also dedicated to the national market. The facilities were built from the ground up for the development of their activity, with a productive nave inserted in them, where we find industrial equipment. and transport to the plate.

Coingra, Lda. Is located in the Industrial Park of Ribeira Grande, an industrial area. It benefits from good access, since the port and airport of the island of S. Miguel are less than 25 minutes from these facilities, which is an asset for the development of this activity.



The type of service it provides and the market in which it operates require Coingra, Lda. To make a continuous effort, with regard to meeting the needs of its customers in two fundamental aspects: the conformity of the final product and the fulfillment of delivery deadlines. delivery. For this, this company invests in the development of its printing technology, accompanied by adequate training of its employees. As of 2013, Coingra also invested in digital development and, at the moment, does several jobs in digital printing. This incessant development aims to provide customers with a range of products and services that allow Coingra, Lda., To continue to occupy its successful position in the markets where it operates.